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Train like a champion. Play like a pro.


ATC Goaltending provides training for goalies of all ages and levels. Our private sessions, summer camps and team training are designed to help goalies elevate their game and reach their full potential.

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"Working with Jamie built the framework for my capability to excel as a professional. His insight in both the physical and mental aspects of the game have significantly improved my performance. One of the best teachers I have been on ice with and an outstanding person".

- Matt Murray, Texas Stars AHL

Dallas Stars NHL

Workout Facility



At ATC Goaltending, we focus on teaching positioning and movement techniques essential to becoming a successful goalie. Our coaches will work with you to develop your footwork and body control to ensure you are always in the best position to make the save.

Our Methods
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Positioning and Movement

At ATC Goaltending, we focus on teaching the proper positioning and movement techniques that are essential to becoming the best goalie you can be. Our coaches will work with you on edge control, up and down movement technique, situational positional awareness as well as help you create your own landmark in zone system.


Learn how to manage rebounds effectively and minimize second-chance opportunities for the opposing team. Consistent performance is directly linked to how well the goaltender can control the puck after each save.  We emphasize catching pucks with our glove, proper pad flare usage, playing the right sized net as well as be patient and allowing the puck to come to us.

Balance Posture and Stance 

The ability to be balanced with correct posture and using the proper stance based on the situation is paramount to having sustained success as a goalie.  We focus on proper body posture in your stance as well as when entering or staying in your butterfly.  We teach a 3 stance system that allows goalies to move freely around the crease as well as find sight-lines when there is traffic in front of the net.

Game Management

We simulate game situations in our training sessions to help you develop the mental and physical skills necessary to excel under pressure. Our coaches will work with you to improve your awareness of threats away from the puck, communication, rebound control, and decision-making to ensure you are always one step ahead of the competition.




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